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Accenture SQL Interview Questions

This is the most awaiting post where I am going to share my experience about Accenture SQL interview. I will limit my experience to SQL. If you want pl/sql, unix questions on it I drop comments. So I am not gonna waste time and will directly jump into questions which were asked to me during Accenture SQL interview.

Accenture SQL Interview Questions
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Q. What is difference between NVL and NVL2 ? Can you write the syntax of both with examples ?

Q. Have you heard of correlated subquery ? Explain with examples.

Q. When we should use Union, can you explain any such scenario you have faced ?

Q. What are Materialized view, can you explain about its different fields ?

Q. What is index and why it is used in SQL ?

Q. When you use BETWEEN clause, are both numbers inclusive or exclusive ?

Q. What is the use of TRUNC when we play with DATE?

Q. Why do we use keywords like 'TO_CHAR', 'TO_NUMBER' ?

Q. How can we find any table name using a column name ?

Q. How to find any table when we do not remember exact name of the table ?

Q. Why can we do house keeping of all tables in regular interval ?

Q. What are the issues you faced while development in which you got stuck and how would you able to come out of that and what you have learn ?

Last question can have multiple answers, and those who have worked on SQL can answer it easily because they have such experience. But I am talking about those who have not got such opportunities to work.
I can share my experience, as a SQL developer I used to get to write simple select statements or execute already written set of queries during my shifts. It was a batch monitoring L1 support job. In such scenario it is difficult to answer such type of questions because you dont know much other than 'SELECT' queries. So I am going to mention some of the answer for that question. For rest of the questions you can find out answers from any source.

I was in shift and i received a mail from client to update some 100 set of data [ Item as I was in Retail ]. I had to update 10 to 12 columns for each data with different values. So I should not go for the approach to update it manually. So what i did is I just created a table without any data ( Use ' CREATE TABLE DUPLICATE_A as SELECT * FROM A WHERE 1 != 2) similar to the table which I was supposed to update. Now I converted the XLS file from user to CSV file (Use save as option and save it with .csv extension). 
I wrote CONTROL FILE for the table DUPLICATE_A. Then using sqlloader function I uploaded all data to the table DUPLICATE_A. Now I wrote one anonymous PL/SQL block with merge statement in it. This block updated all the columns in main table using the table created by me.

I hope you got to know, which kind of experience you have to share with them. If you need answer for other questions please feel free to write me or comment below.

We will meet in new post till that happy learning and happy switching !
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