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Tips For Off Campus Placement in 2020

Hello everyone, I am writing this post to help Final year and 3rd year B-tech students. As we all know it's very tough time for all final year students who did not get any campus Placement offers. After passing out from college your family would be hoping to see you in job. As of now 3 categories of students are there in final year. 

Tips For Campus Placement and Corona Impact

  1. One who has campus placement offer from some company. 
  2. Other who don't have any offer but seeking for off campus.
  3. Last one who don't have offer and looking for some government job, PSU, GATE.
I have clear thought on last two categories of students. According to my 5 years of experience I have seen many students and their family. I am not concerned about those who belongs to strong economic background, I know they can easily opt for government job preparation. But worries are there for those who belong to poor economic background. Their family members are dependent on them. They are hopeful that you will help in family economy after B.Tech.

So here are some tips from my side to them.

Once you have received your result, don't listen to anyone, don't plan to prepare for Bank, SSC, GATE etc staying at home. This won't help, this will make you depressed and your family and you will have bad relationship day by day.

You might have taken education loan. Bank will give you maximum one year of cooling period before EMI get started. So within that period you should have a job which can address all your problems. So if you going for any government job preparation, it will minimum take one year and even then result can be negative. Then you will have more frustration. So the big question is what to do in case.

You start arranging and saving money, at least 30 to 40 thousand minimum. I am talking about all streams who can go to IT sectors. Even if you are from ECE, EE don't think about going to core sectors. You will not get much options at this time.

Once you get result, come to Bangalore. There is an area called BTM Layout where all job seekers arrive and get job within 1 to 3 months.
This area is cheaper and anyone can survive there. Now why I am saying this? I have seen students from my batch getting into job by doing so. And today many of them are well established.
Contact your seniors who are in Bangalore and did not get campus job but now doing well in some companies. They will guide you the best.

For those who are in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering can also come to IT sectors. If not then try to search jobs in any smaller companies. But don't stay home in sake of preparing for government job. 

So during Lockdown, what to do?

  • Brushup your C/Java skills.
  • Practice aptitude and logical ability. 
  • Enhance your GD and speaking English ability.

If you are coming to Bangalore, I am seeing you in job within 3 months.

All the best for future. If you have any query, drop a comment for me.

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