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What are frequently asked interview questions for 2+ years experienced SQL Server developer?

This post revolves around sql server frequently asked questions and sql server interview questions for developer. Sql server queries are very important when it comes to interview. What we do on database as a normal sql developer is slightly different when it comes to sql server interview questions.

According to my experience if you have 2 years of experience you will face at least 2 technical rounds. So, start your SQL interview preparation. Here I am sharing a few questions which are most asked in SQL interview. Let’s have a look -

SQL Server FAQ
SQL Server FAQ

Q.1 When does a session actually start and how it is maintained?

Q.2 Why do we need Http handlers and mode?

Q.3 What are the properties of a relational table?

Q.4 How can you find the 2nd highest salary of the employee?

Q.5 What do you know about ACID in SQL Server?

Q.7 How can we retain a TempData value?

Q.8 Explain denormalization. Tell us when you will go for it.

Q.9 Give me the code to check if any records exist

Q.10 Explain two actions which can be undertaken by tempdb files to increase the server’s performance.

Q.11 Tell us the difference between UNION and UNION ALL with the example.

Q.12 What are the standard SQL commands that every developer should know?

Q.13 How can you maintain the data integrity?

Q.14 Explain the purpose of the database normalization. How does it work?

Q.15 What do you know about action results?

So, these were some questions which you must prepare. Along with this, frame good answers based on the projects you did. Surely, interviewers will ask about the knowledge you gain in the past 2 years.

Hope the information is helpful to you.

Some of other companies ask sql server questions to tester also. So if you are planning to going for SQL server interview as a tester, then be prepared for above questions. 

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