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Pl SQL Developer interview questions asked in Accenture and interview reviews

I always used to search what are the commonly asked PL SQL Questions in Interviews. I get same generic questions and answers on every another site. Today I am going to tell you my experience when I appeared for PL SQL interviews.

PL SQL is extension to SQL. Its the way where we can use SQL as procedural language. It helps in processing transactions. As an experienced professional, you would have seen how Cursors, loop controls were used to process huge volume of data. 

So I will not write more stories, I am going to jump into the list which can be very useful to brush up your PL/SQL skills before interviews. We all work on PL SQL but there are some concepts we use regularly, but when an interviewer ask us then we are not able to answer properly because we don't know the textual answers for them . So Here it is the "Top 10 Commonly asked PL SQL Interviews Questions".
Top 10 Commonly asked PL SQL Interviews Questions

  1. Differentiate between Stored Procedure and Anonymous PL SQL Block.
  2. Differentiate between Functions and Procedure.
  3. What happens when we declare a function in package specification but not defined in package body ?
  4. What happens when we only define a function package body but not declared in package specification?
  5. Can you list down Cursor's attributes and explain some of them ?
  6. How will you handle NULL value fetched by a Cursor ?
  7. Have you used parametric cursor ? If yes, can you explain how can we declare it, use it in loop and how can you exit the loop ?
  8. What is record type in PL SQL ?
  9.  How Bulk Collect works in comparison to normal FETCH INTO clause ?
  10. What are Error Code (SQLCODE and Error Message (SQLERRMin Exceptions handling section ?
As of now I am not writing answers for all ten questions. If you want answers too then I will write. Please let me know in comments. I will be waiting for the response eagerly.

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