Cognizant ask to fill candidate information sheet, what does it mean?

When Cognizant drops an email to you containing a candidate information sheet and asks you to fill out details and respond back, what does it mean?

Its a part of interview process. I have worked with CTS and I also went through similar process when I was selected for CTS as lateral hiring. I had two round of Interview and then before HR round, they asked me to fill candidate information sheet. In that sheet you need to fill your personal details as well as Expected CTC also. This sheet is the basis of your salary negotiation. 

So if you have received and email containing a candidate information sheet and asks you to fill out details and respond back. 

Means you are already selected for that position. Now HR will call you soon and discuss on CTC. If you agree they will roll out offer in an hour. So congratulations if you are in similar situation and came to this post. 

Now there COULD BE TWO PROBLEM at this stage. 

1. You can see fitment reject, if you have asked CTC way more than CTS can afford.

2. There could be some cases like, you were hiring for some upcoming project and unfortunately they did not won the project. In such case you will be kept on hold. If these resolves with in a month then they can release offer, or if not then after 6-7 month HR will again ask you for interview process for some other project.

Moral of the story: Until you are not having offer letter in your mail box, do not assume anything. Above mentioned scenarios are the part of process, if they are progressing means you have the chance to get selected.

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  1. I was interviewed by Cognizant on 17th April, and on april 20th they have asked me to fill a CIS form, and I filled and replied the same. It has been 5 days and there is no call from HR. What does this mean?

    1. Currently I am also in same situation.Did you get the HR call?

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    3. How long you are or were waiting

  2. I had to fill this with some mistakes it's rise any problems

  3. Did you get a call then?


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