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How to get job in Microsoft, Despite of working in service based companies - Interview Experience

Hey, Everyone I hope you all are doing good in your career. This post will certainly give you some motivation. This article is about a real life experience of a person. He has started his career from a small start up and then finally got into Microsoft. Entire life journey will be shared with you ahead in the post. so let us start.

How can i get a job in microsoft

Introduction - Let us meet him

It is a fact, whenever we see someone is joining Microsoft, Google, Amazon, there are some questions which comes to mind - How he/she got this offer ? What was his/her educational background ? It's a common notion that students from Tier 1 colleges easily gets offer from such big MNCs. And it is true up to some extent. 

But as time changes and you get some expertise in niche skills, your chances to get offers from Microsoft/Google increases. Here I am going to narrate the story of Mr. Gayas Khan. I have interviewed him to know about his career journey. You can connect with him on LinkedIn

Educational Background

His education was from regular colleges. He completed his Bsc-IT from Ranchi University and Did Masters from University of Pune. No IITs, NITs, BITS 😊 

Story of working at startups

After completing his education he got a job in startup and for next 3-4 years he was in 3 different startups. But the best thing happens to him is the CLOUD COMPUTING. He got a chance to work on cloud services. That time (2012-2013), very few cloud engineers were available in market. So right skill at right time and zeal to learn more and more was paving the future success for him. Let us see, what he felt when he was working in start ups 

When I was working in startup company that time my close friends or class mates are working in MNC. That time I earned very less in comparison to them. But I did not get frustrated or demotivated because I believe in this line "Life is a marathon not a race."

Ek din apna bhi time aaega.

Story of working at MNC

After gaining knowledge from startups, he got some offer from BIG IT service companies like Accenture and TCS. Let us see, what was his experience about Accenture and TCS 

When I was in Accenture, work was very less. Accenture was evolving at cloud side. Very few projects were there and very few clients were there to move into cloud. Most of the time I was relaxing without work. Some basic cloud maintenance work was assigned to me at that time. I was on bench also during Accenture tenure. 

During Bench period only I got an offer from TCS. It was 2017 and by this time, cloud was everywhere. In TCS I got some good project which enhanced my cloud skills further at Insane level. I was working on Microsoft cloud (AZURE). I learned DEVOPS also. Devops works well with Azure. I did some certification also. I have AWS certification also. I was confused which way to head. I went to my basics and analyzed that, I was a .NET engineer and you know it works well with Microsoft services. I decided to go with Microsoft Azure. 

I started preparing for interviews, Microsoft was not in my mind. But one day I got an email from Microsoft and my profile was taken from 

Honestly speaking process was smooth but level of interview was of much standard than the other service based. Thanks to my skills and hands-on expertise which helped me passing the interview. Believe me the day I got offer from Microsoft, was one of the best day in my life.    

A Message to the readers :

Many time it is not the excellent educational background, it's your zeal for learning which gives you success in your career. If you have not gotten any job in campus placement, and going to start your career from a small startup, do not be sad ! Try to learn new skills, try to be an expert with experience. At right time you will hit the right target 😊. 

All the best !!

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