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Must Read Topics for Oracle Retail Techno Functional Interviews

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing good. If you are reading this article then it means you have some plan to switch your job. 

I am Ritesh and I am an Oracle Retail Consultant. I have given several interviews throughout my career. Also I have taken some interviews.

During these years, whatever questions, topics I came across when I faced or took interview, I am going to share all of them with you. I have worked on Oracle Retail Merchandising Systems, Oracle Retail Invoice Matching, Oracle Retail Sales Audit. So I can share you some of the topics, which can be beneficial for you all. 

Answers of these questions will depend upon your experience but I can share you some link, from where you can get some theoretical knowledge. So let us get started. 

I am assuming you have received interview call today and interview is scheduled for tomorrow second half.

Oracle Retail Techno Functional Interviews

Functional Domain Area of Oracle Retail 

RMS [Retail Merchandising Systems]: 

1. Items : Types of items, keep focus on pack item and consignment items. Include tables, jobs related to items and also tables related to system parameters like system_options. 

2. Reclassification : What is reclassification, how it can be performed and why we use this concept. Prepare answer of these questions using definition, table, job details and also tran code. Why we record reclassification transactions to tran data ?

3. PO: Types of PO and entire PO process including, tables, jobs, posting tran code 20 C/U to tran data table.

4. Allocation: Why do we create allocation, types of allocations, jobs and tables involved.

5. Transfers & Replenishment : Include concepts and job,table details. Tran code used and replenishment types with job used.

6. Inventory adjustment : How and why we need this concept , what are major jobs and tables involved in this process. Why we use reason codes and where reason codes can be defined. Tran code used.

7. Stock Ledger : This is very important topic. You should know entire batch flow from tran_data to GL. Different tables involved, why we post transactions to tran data and send it to GL. What is cost and retail method of accounting. Which accounting method is being used in your project currently?

8. Stock Count: If you have worked on it then probably you will have great knowledge. But for interview purpose, you should at least know the batch flow. Difference between unit and unit + cost stock count. How to schedule, which parameters are important for job set to carry entire stock count. Cycle count concepts. Also table level detail with proper tran code information.

ReSA [Retail Sales Audit]:

1. Batch overview with tables : Jobs and details of tables. Totals, Rules.

2. Some of the errors and resolutions: 

3. ReSA to SIM and RMS : Job details with Tables.

ReIM [Retail Invoice Matching]:

1. RMS to ReIM --> Jobs and Tables details.

2. ReIM Batch and tables --> Starting from Injector to Reimposting along with tables and jobs.

3. ReIM Front End: Discrepancy and resolutions, meaning of reason codes, tables. Supplier options, GL Options, GL Cross Ref and their importance. Dynamic Segments.

4. Tables and different parameters.

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Technical Questions:


1. All concepts


1. Cursors, Exceptions, Bulk collect, Global tables, Tuning questions, functions, procedure, collections, triggers, indexes.


Grep, sed, cut, ls, gunzip, email, sqlload, ctl file


Layout, Recovery Restart with tables, 


Special Note: Refer Operational Guide to study about jobs.

For table level detail, you can refer Data Model.

You can refer User Guide for better understanding of front end.

For PLSQL --> Refer PLSQL entire Questions and topics


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