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Why doesn't TCS hire ex-employees who have left TCS?

There are two reason. One is something which is related to corruption, I don't know how much percent it is correct. From friends I have heard this information and I felt like to share with you. I have worked in TCS and I know the seriousness behind the TATA Code of conduct (TCOC). There is zero tolerance if you break TCOC. That's why I believe in the story which I am going to share now.

Suppose I am a manager and someone under me has resigned some months or year ago, but I am still having good contact with him or her. Now if someday I get to know that there is one vacancy in my time and I need to recruit someone laterally means outside. Now I have an idea to make a deal. I will ask my old ex TCSer, please join TCS and I will help you getting 40% hike. But in favour I will need 50k from you.

Quite a good deal it is. So think, may be 6 month ago you were not happy with TCS and your salary was 5lakhs. You switched from TCS got 40% hike and you salary is 7LPA.

Now again you are getting offer to Join TCS with 40% hike means your CTC will be 9.8 lakhs within 9 month. Of course you will pay 50k to that manager if you are going to have this much profit. It was a kind of fraud and you know TATA always runs by values and code of conducts.

That is why TCS stopped rehiring.

2nd thing is, if someone is rehired means his or salary gonna be twice than other who was from same batch and experience but never switched. TCS gave them a loyality reward by stopping rehiring.

Its a good move because there should not be any place for corruption.

Note : I had read this news in some forum, so I have written it. Please verify the exact fact behind the news from your side before making any opinion. It's my opinion and may be wrong and my intentions are not to spread false news.

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