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How to prepare for Oracle Retail Merchandise Techno Functional Interview

1. RMS Functional

1. Explain end to end flow of PO creation.

Purchase Orders are created for buying new items from supplier. It can be created manually from RMS screen, through backend process by calling API, can be created using Replenishment process and also can be integrated to RMS from other systems. 

Orders are created and we can see data in ordhead, ordloc, ordsku tables. Once order is Approved, it will be downloaded to Supplier and Warehouse. 

Supplier will check the orders and then one acknowledgment is sent to RMS. This will confirm the expected quantity. If order gets revised because of acknowledgment then, order revision will be sent to WMS also. 

How to prepare for Oracle Retail Merchandise Techno Functional Interview

Now Supplier will ship goods through their transportation and send ASN to RMS. This ASN will have details of quantity shipped and Bill of Lading. This data will be processed in RMS and Shipment will be created for the order. This shipment will be downloaded to WMS, so that WMS will be aware of this and will be ready to receive the goods. 

Now WMS will create appointment for the shipment coming in way and schedule it for recieving. 

Once received in WMS, WMS will send receipt to RMS. RCVUPLD.pc process it in RMS and it will populate received quantity and also post transaction in Tran Data as tran code 20.

If Order is created for store, it will be called as direct to store orders and above explained process will be happening in Store.

2. Explain Reclassification in RMS and batches involved.

Reclassification is the process of shuffling dept,class,subclass associated with an item. This happens over nightly job reclassdly.pc

It populates reclass head and reclass detail table. It will post transactions 34,36.

3. Explain the use of RIB

RIB is used to communicate between two Oracle Retail module or some 3rd party systems with Oracle retail modules.

It works on java messaging system, where message type and it's details are sent in small packet over Java server. Example: If we have created one Item in RMS, then item details will go to item mfqueue table and then trigger will send it to publishers. Publisher will send it to topic and then at subscriber side, TAFER will check the message type and it will route that message to SIM, WMS etc. It's like a mobile tower system.

Basic tables are Rib message, rib message failure. Application which are sharing same database like RPM, ReIM, ReSA do not need RIB to communicate.

To get more info, you can search for RMS OG2 V14 in google.

4. Function of saexprms in ReSA

This job creates POSU files which will be in RETEK format so that RMS can read sales data.

5. Overview of Sales integration upto RMS

Saexprms creates posu files which is sent to RMS server. Now salesupload.ksh batch upload sales data to svc tables and from there posupld.pc will process data in RMS tables like item loc soh, tran data with code 1,2,15 etc

6. Stock ledger tables 

Generally they ask, how data get posted to tran data and then salstage moves it to if tran data. Saldly job moves data from if tran data to tran data history. We have other tables like salweek, salmonth which rolls up data upto subclass level and then fif gl jobs send these data to GL.

2. Technical

1. Different types of triggers and their use. 

2. Explain few basic unix commands you use in you day to day work.

3. Difference between DDL and DML

For technical questions related to plsql sql, I am going to mention a link from where you can read.


3. Miscellaneous

1. Complex problems faced in the project and how did you overcome

This link has one sample

2. Any Automations that were done in your project by you

This questions answer will depend on your experience. You can mention, that you have created jobs to extract errors occured during mass uploading process and sends to different stakeholders. It runs every hour. 

I am giving one more link of post from my website,where you can find more related topics and link for OG.

Oracle Retail blog from one of my senior, it will help you for other topics too

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