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What increment did you get in TCS?


When you stay in a company, you will get appraisal hikes which ranges from 2 to 10 percent generally in service based companies like TCS.

This way your monthly salary can increase from 1500 to 10000 depending on the designation and your CTC.

If an employee decides to stay for long time in a company then his CTC grows very slow as compared to those who opted to change companies.

What increment did you get in TCS


When it comes to increment percentage every year, it depends on companies earning, your business unit earnings and then your performance and designation.

So it's very specific and varies from employee to employee. At junior level ten percent hike is common as their CTC is low, but at higher level it goes down to 2 to 6 percent range.


10% of 3.6 will be 36k annually for a junior and then CTC will be 3.96 and monthly salary will be increased by 3k approx.

But at higher level if CTC is 15 LPA then 10% hike will make it 16.5 LPA and almost 12k increment in monthly salary. So it's a huge amount for service based organization. That is why hike remains at 2 to 6 percent of range at this level.

I hope it has cleared your doubt and could give you some insight of increment provided in TCS.

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