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What should I join, TCS or Accenture Quora

I will talk about the truth. I am not going to talk about revenues, numbers, strength.

Both are service based company. Company wise both have some pros and cons. In my 6.5 years of experience, I have filled that companies are not bad or good. It is the manager/supervisor and type of work, which is responsible for this question whether a company is good or bad.

What should I join, TCS or Accenture  Quora
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Now the naked truth, you are also equally responsible for this. Suppose your supervisor has given you a work which can be completed next day also. But you never confronted your manager that you will complete this work next day as today's time is up. But in reality because appraisal pressure or to be in good book, we extend working hour. This increases pressure on us and also pressure on other who are not extending working hours. And gradually it becomes a culture in team to work and work and work but this makes feel bad things about the company.

Believe me, this happens everywhere and everyone is thinking that their company is not good.

Final Conclusion

Both companies are good. They will give you a guaranteed monthly salary. Type of work and comfort, flexibility in work will be purely based on your luck and type of project. If you are good enough in confronting things which causes discomfort to you, then every company is good. Accenture is having high revenue, more value than TCS but they wont give you share from their revenue. So don't be in trap of companies profile. Its your life, make a complete path for yourself with proper timeline. For example, if you want to reach to 30 LPA in next 5 years, then just focus on current CTC and plan for switch at right time so that you can get hikes at correct time and CTC will be of your dream. At the same time you need to focus on your skills, may be you wont get good project to improve skills but you need to improve by giving extra effort.  No one can stop you !! All the best.

You can join that company which is offering higher net monthly pay. Accenture generally have high variable but good performers gets all the variables. TCS has upper hand in variable payment. 

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