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Why are big IT/software companies not donating their unused office space for Covid care centres/hospitals?

This question seems very nice and related to social welfare thoughts. I wont take long to answer this question. As I work for big MNC, so I have seen the office space. First of all I would like to shed some light on what common people think about IT MNC offices.

When you see the IT offices from outside, they look very big. Bigger than many of the hospitals in India. So obviously, one can think why they are not using those unused spaces for COVID care. At least they can give it to their employee and their dependents. It seems to be logical and fair use of resources.

You might have heard in news that some of the MNC has converted their canteen to covid care. It's correct as Canteen can be easily converted to covid care. But, it is the half truth. I will tell you about the blockers which is not allowing them to use their unused office spaces as COVID care or hospitals.

Internal Structures of office

Big MNCs are having big big clients. As per client policies and GDPR, some spaces inside the offices are reserved and occupied using glass partition to make it closed Offshore Development Centers. This structure/arrangement is made to avoid any data leakage or misuse of client sensitive data. Employee working for that project will have access to enter. Other employee can not enter in to closed Offshore Development centers. For making this arrangement, client pay monthly huge amount to the MNC. 90% of the office spaces are occupied by clients in such manner. So this is the first blocker as office space is not for general uses.

Office Furniture setup

Office furniture are  fixed inside the ODCs. If this space has to be converted into COVID care unit, then those furniture needs to be removed (which will be of no use once removed, they cant be fixed again and new furniture would be required to bought once offices resume post COVID).

Corporate Taxes

Huge corporate taxes are paid to the government by the MNCs. These taxes are meant to be spend for right uses. Government collects taxes and also donations like PM Care. Those amount should be used to build temporary COVID care hospitals. There is not shortage of money, there is shortage of will power from government end. 

Everyone has their own role. We as employee paying taxes and building services to contribute in GDP. MNCs are doing their part by creating new opportunities. Government is not playing their role honestly. If our country India is a team and battling for COVID free nation, then everyone has to play their role honestly. Else we will make a weak team and would lost to COVID.

I hope my answer is clear. This answer was asked in Quora and I am a regular answer writer on Quora. You can follow mw their also by clicking on the link Quora Ritesh Sinha Profile


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