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Which is better, a 40 LPA private job or an 8 LPA government job?

I am working in Private IT MNC. My CTC was 3.26 LPA when I started my career. My friend got a Govt Job In Power Grid. His CTC was 10 LPA. Definitely he was getting 3 times more salary than me. Also he had good facilities like Big quarter, Private car and driver.

which is better a private job or government job

Now on your question, 40LPA will give you In hand salary somewhere 2.75 Lakhs per month after all deductions.

8 LPA government job will give you 55 thousand per month.

Now please read carefully pros and cons for both type of job. What you will need in your life other than CTC.

That time my in hand was 22K and no facilities like him. I was living in Bangalore and he was living in a village like place, one of the powergrid facility.

Now, My CTC is 18 LPA and his 14 LPA. He is not satisfied with work, he has to go on round to check if everything is working fine. No new work, no enthusiasm. To watch movie he has to travel 70 KM from that place.

I am still in Bangalore, I have all facilities now. I have bought my own flat. My own car. I go on tour twice in a year. I have the freedom to change my job if I don't like my work 😀. Changing a company can increase salary at least by 20%.

New work new challenges, zeal to develop new and learn new stuffs make you very satisfied at work, yes someday you need to work very extensively but it will bring new learning to you. Life is full of energy here in IT.

Being in government job, you can not change company, your promotion and increment depend only on supervisor and company. You have to take transfers frequently. Now a days many department has stopped pension plans also. It's truth that facilities from government side will be better than private companies.

Please note that I am working as software engineer, so I have given a comparison in same field with my friend. He is also an engineer in Powergrid.

There are some government job like UPSC, which is above than all.

So now you can decide which is better?

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