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Is 10 LPA a good salary for a 7-year-experienced software engineer in India?

If you talk about recent time then 10 LPA is not a good salary for a 7 years experienced software engineer in India. Human have tendency to attain luxurious life. No amount in life would be sufficient to human. But for fulfilling basic needs of himself/herself and family, one needs to earn at least twice of the experience. I mean to say if you have 10 years of experience, then your annual salary should be 20 LPA. 
Is 10 LPA a good salary for a 7-year-experienced software engineer in India

Now the point is why at least 2 times of the experience ?

If you are a software engineer, it means you would be working in mostly big tier 1 cities. In these type of cities, house rent is very high. Then schooling of kids, other expenses would be there, to maintain metro city lifestyle one needs to earn more. Its not about earning only for bread, its about maintaining your status and fulfilling your dreams too.

Earlier people working in Indian MNCs were able to travel abroad for significant number of years very easily. But now a days its not the case. Numbers have decreased now. If you are at onsite, then you would be saving handsome amount every month. But your salary will remain what you had when you were in India. Only allowances increases. 

So last sentence has one of the answer why people have 7 years of experience but their salary remains at 10 LPA. When you stay abroad, you will earn allowances in dollars and you will be saving in Indian currency. But you salary remains the same. When you return from onsite after 5 years, your salary remains less and then you start realizing how less you are paid. But at the same time you would have save huge amount too. 

Now one more reason for low salary:
But now a days case is different. If you don't have relevant skill expertise then only you will remain in 10 LPA after 7 years of experience. It means if you need good salary you need to have expertise too.

Takeaway of the article
Now the question "Is 10 LPA a good salary for a 7-year-experienced software engineer in India?"

No, a big no for this. If you have 7 years of experience, your salary must be 14 LPA and in worst case at least 12 LPA if you have switched one company only or not switched. So if you are able to earn as much amount which is fulfilling your daily needs and your desire too, then that LPA is fine for you, and never compare yourself with other. Everyone has different needs of money. 

See if you are not changing company then you will remain at lowest side of salary bracket. 

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