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What is the in hand salary if I make 7 LPA with Accenture?

What is the in hand salary if I make 7 LPA with Accenture?

In terms of in hand salary Accenture is really at lower side. If you have just got an offer from Accenture as 7 LPA. I believe 22% will be variable. Which you will get during mid year and end of year.

What will be the In Hand Salary?

For understanding this you need to find out fixed component first. It will be like ‘ Fixed Salary+ 22% of fixed salary = 7 LPA.

I believe your fixed component will be around 5.8 LPA, out if this 12% of Basic salary will go for PF. Rest amount you will get as in hand salary. I assume PF to be 20k annually. So it becomes 5.6 lakhs divided by 12. This amount will be your in hand salary and I hope there will not be any tax on such amount. You can expect around 47–48k per month.

Now we will talk about variable amount. you variable amount is around 1.2 LPA

Here is the real catch. To get entire 22%, you will have to be a top performer. If you are an average employee who completes all it's work on time but not doing any thing extra to showcase zeal, proactiveness etc.

You will end up of getting 8% of fixed amount means 8% of 5.8 lakhs. So total variable for that will be 49k and it will be given to you as 24k in November salary and 24k in June salary. They will deduct some tax also on this amount, you will get 20k approx.

So variable part in CTC is very bad in Accenture. I hope I was able to make you understand.

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  1. How much inhand salary i will get at FSE 6.5CTC

    1. You will get around 45-46K per month in hand after all deductions.


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