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When will Infosys give the offer letter for selected Candidate - Software Queries

When we are a part of any recruitment process, we have lots of curiosity regarding the upcoming results. We want to know anyhow, what is the result of the interview. We cant know the result, but sometime after HR round we start anticipating on offer letter and then we try to google, about the most asked question "When will Infosys give the offer letter for selected candidate". If you are a fresher then you use the query like "When will Infosys give the offer letter for off campus student". "How many days Infosys takes to release offer letter". Not only freshers, but lateral employees also search for the above query. So now I am going to tell you various factors and process after HR rounds and before releasing offer letters.

Infosys off campus offer letter

What happened after HR round ?

In case of Freshers, there is no discussion on budget and upcoming projects and CTC with higher management before approving offer letter. 

CTC would be fixed and same for all and how many candidate needs to be selected would be fixed also. They already will have budget and numbers with them. 

So they already would have stats that how many student should be hired from the ongoing off campus drive. They need to decide cutoff and then they prepare final selection list based on interview performance. For those selected students they need to make entry in system and then offer letter is generated and sent to students. 

This process depends on number of offer letter and available HR who are carrying out this operation. That is why sometime they release the offer letter same day or next day or a week after. 

So I can understand your curiosity and anticipation of getting a job but everything has some operational time and you need to wait for it. 

If you are confident about interview, you will definitely get the letter. Meanwhile you can prepare on your shortfalls and attend other off campus or on campus interview. 

For lateral hiring there is complete different story. Every candidate will have different skill, different expected CTC. 

From company side, there would be certain requirement and constraints too. So in some of the case even after having good/outstanding interview, a candidate do not get offer letter. Now we will discuss the process after HR has discussed on CTC and other stuffs.

Budget vs Expected CTC: If your expected CTC is at higher side and their budget is not enough then they may keep you on hold and try interview other candidate whose ECTC is low. 

If that candidate is good enough and under budget, they will hire that candidate and you wont get offer letter ever. In such a scenario you wont get any response from HR.  

Upcoming project goes to hold: Many of the time a company start hiring when they are about to win a deal in a project bidding. They will hire many people for upcoming project. 

But somehow they did not won the project, then entire recruitment process also goes on hold and no one gets the offer letter. They will say your candidature is on hold.

Your interview performance Vs ECTC: Sometime you are an outstanding performer but you are demanding for high CTC, in such case they take time to decide. They will not let you go and anyhow they will try to accommodate you by extending their budget and again it takes time.

Project Requirement: Sometime what happens, company wait for some selected candidate to join after certain notice period. But at last moment the candidate denies to join. 

In such scenario again there would be escalation from higher management on HR to provide resource ASAP. In such case they might complete and release offer letter with in 3-4 days. 

So for lateral hiring, many factors are there to play major role on releasing offer letter early or with delay. In some case candidate gets offer letter immediately and in some case it takes a week, 2 weeks or a month also. 

It all depends on above mentioned factors. So its not like, HR has done the discussion and offer will be released ASAP always. There are some internal documentation, approval processes and multiple factors. A candidates offer letter have to go through those process then only offer is released. 

I hope you would have understood this. As per my experience, I have seen people are getting offer letters in a week in Infosys after HR round is done. 

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