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Which Company to join Accenture or Cognizant Quora

I have worked for both the company. When I had 3.5 years of experience, I joined cognizant. That time I did not had any other offer.

which company to join

After cognizant I joined Accenture. Now straight to your question at different different fronts.

Quality of projects: Accenture has edge over cognizant in terms of quality project. Accenture always bid at high rate for the projects, so they get premium projects only. Yes they do have some projects where work and learnings are not up to the mark.

Yearly hikes: Cognizant is in difficult situation from last 5 years. They have changed their CEO, as company is not doing well. If company is in trouble you can't expect hikes. If you talk about Accenture they have given 3 hikes and one thank you bonus in FY 2020–2021. In terms of hike percentage also Accenture is better than any Indian giants and Cognizant.

Onsite Opportunity: It depends on your luck, requirement, repot with your seniors. We can't decide who is better in this category.

One more important point is there you have missed to ask. It's variable portion of salary. Accenture will have high variable percentage. You may or may not get it full. In cognizant also, there is a variable but that would be lesser than Accenture. In both companies variable payment rollout is dependent on company as well as employee performance.

In hand salary wise Cognizant will give you more money. But in long term Accenture will give you better growth at salary as well as skill side.

You can decide now where to join but as per my opinion, Accenture is better to join.

Thanks for asking. All the best!

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