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Can you join TCS as an ex-employee of the same?

We all are listening this question from long time and no one have solid and confirm answer to this. I am an ex TCSer and I had left TCS around May 2018. I have experienced this policy and did not get considered after selection in interview this year January. I am going to reveal what assurance was given by separation officer and what I have faced this year while I was in rehiring process.  

Why TCS stopped rehiring

It was my last day in TCS. I went to submit my Identity card to the separation officer at TCS Lords building in Salt Lake Kolkata. After all the formalities, I asked him that I have heard TCS is not rehiring EX TCSer. He replied me that, there is nothing official and you can again apply after 6 months. I was happy that this door will never get closed for me.

It was from the separation officer himself and it was not from unknown source. 

After that I joined CTS, Accenture. Again in 2021 when I was serving Notice Period in Accenture. I got one email from one of the HR from TCS regarding Oracle Retail opening. 

It was written that she has extracted my profile from I have updated everything about TCS in Naukri profile and in my resume. Also in entire mail body, it was not mentioned that ex TCSer are not allowed.

I replied to her and she again replied after creating my candidate ID in TCS portal. I logged in there and filled all the data and uploaded the documents.

After one week, my interview was scheduled. There were 5 senior people in video call. one senior manager, one manager, two technical guy and one senior HR. They had my resume. They asked me why did I left TCS in 2018 ? I managed to reply well as I was anticipating this question from them.

Answered few technical questions and HR again asked at last why do you want to join TCS again?  And at last senior manager asked me, tell us why TCS should hire you. It was  one hour of interview. All was good. People were aware that I am an ex TCSer. 

They selected me and HR gave me call that I have been selected and they will process my profile further for offer. 

I was very very happy because TCS has best medical insurance facility and I was missing this so badly.

Now comes the tragedy...

After two days HR called me and said that they missed completely that I was a rehire case. It was a mistake from their side. I told her that, panel were knowing that I am ex TCSer and they have asked me questions related to it. How can you say that it was a miss. I think all were aware no one has missed anything. 

She repeatedly told me that offer will not be processed further by management as you are ex TCSer. I am going to attach screen shot of email. 

Written proof of tcs do not rehire ex tcser

Finally I was not selected by them and I went to join Infosys later. 

After that I talked to Middle East and Africa Retail head about this, I had a good term with him. He told me that yes its not official but it is verbally informed to all. We do rehire, but at very senior level, who can bring business to us. They are exceptional cases. But you are  mid level resource, TCS can get your replacement easily. So the HR will not take extra headache in justifying the reason to seniors that why they are considering you. 

So it's pretty simple, you will not be able to rejoin TCS as of now. In future they might change the policy but in recent time it is impossible to rejoin.

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