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How do I reach 30 LPA in 7 years from 3.2 LPA

I can walk through my journey so far to make you understand.

I joined TCS with 3.26 LPA I was there for 3.5 years and got average hike, my CTC was 4.5 LPA at end of 3.5 years.

I joined CTS with CTC 7.5 LPA.

After 9 Month I joined Accenture and my CTC became 10.63 LPA. So in 4.3 years I had 10.64 LPA CTC. Within 2 years in accenture, my CTC become 12.2 LPA and my years of experience is 6.2 years.

How do I reach 30 LPA in 7 years from 3.2 LPA

I switched to Infosys and CTC is 16 LPA. I worked in Infosys for 5 months and i did not get work as I was promised, so I asked to change my project but they did not change.

I started looking outside and got offers from EY and Tech Mahindra.

I have joined Tech Mahindra at 20 LPA and now my total years of experience is 7 years.

Now the scene is, if am going to switch to other company, then company will ask why so much switch? So I am going to upskill myself in ML and AI from great learning.

After that I will try to switch to some big fish like Walmart or Amazon. As I am from retail background so I am planning for retail organizations only. 

Switching to service based will not give me 30 LPA in next switch. But companies like Walmart or Amazon will give upto 50 % hike minimum and that will make it to 30 LPA in next year. 

So my target is to achieve 30 LPA when I am completing 8 years in IT industry.

If you are planning to stay in same company and dreaming of 30 LPA then it might take 20 Years to get.

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