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Which offer is better 27 LPA in Noida or 33 LPA in Bangalore

When we see such questions on internet, many of us thinks how did they get such good CTC? Which company and which skill gives this sort of CTC. Right?

Never mind, I am going to answer for the above question asked in title of the post. So full question was Which offer is better, 27 LPA in Noida which is closer to my hometown or 33 LPA in Bangalore? 
Which offer is better 27 LPA in Noida or 33 LPA in Bangalore

BTW, 27 LPA is entirely fixed and 30 LPA is fixed and 3 LPA is variable in Bangalore's salary.

So keepibg Variable amount aside as that is bonus and we will use that amount at last during the comparison.

Let us compare on 27 LPA vs 30 LPA

1. There is a 3 Lakhs difference in amount, so there would he around 25k difference in in hand salary. So Bangalore wins here.

2. If we talk about opportunity, now Noida has international airport and almost all big MNCs are present in Noida. So opportunity wise we can say there is a tie between both.

3. Cost of living is very important aspect of life. Obviously Bangalore is more costly. Now it is entirely depend on your choice, if you want a lavish life but at cheaper cost then Noida is good for you. Bangalore might have some more options of luxuries but have more cost. So if you are looking for some savings, then Noida wins here else Bangalore.

4. Weather wise Bangalore always wins. So if you want to feel less hotter summer and less chilly winter, you can choose Bangalore. So this point goes to Bangalore.

5. Pollution wise Bangalore has traffic pollution, CFC coming from Offices AC vents. Noida too have this, but Noida has one more problem of smog in winter, which comes from farmers side. Air quality index goes bad during winter. So Bangalore wins here.

6. Festival and culture is one more important aspect. Although you can see lots of North Indian in Bangalore, major festivals enthusiasm is missing in Bangalore. If you are home sick and you enjoys festivals with family and society, then You should stay in Noida. In Bangalore you will not get North Indian festival holidays. You need to take leave and travel to home town to celebrate. This is major major issue for home sick north Indian people. In this case Noida wins. If you are not home sick then it's a tie.

On ground of 6 points, you can decide which has more score and then you can choose one city.

As said earlier, the variable bonus is always a key. Again it's depend on company that how much amount they actually pay. If you want to choose Bangalore for its weather but at the same time you are sad about missing home then, be happy this bonus will take care of home travelling expenses as well as if you want to call your family to visit your home.

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