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For a 6-year IT experience in India, what should be an ideal above average salary ratio?

For predicting salary as per experience, we need to consider some factors. Let us talk about that. Before that I would say no salary is ideal, because individuals have their specific expenses and expectations, so it will vary person to person.

what should be an ideal above average salary ratio
what should be an ideal above average salary ratio

Product Based Vs Service Based : Salary range in market is different in product based companies like, google, ola, oracle, microsoft, amazon, uber etc. 

They have higher salary range than a service based companies like TCS, Infosys, Accenture, CTS, IBM, TechM, Wipro etc. So, usually we say in service based IT industry your CTC should be at least twice of your experience. It means for 6 years of experienced professional it should be at least 2x6=12 LPA

If we talk about product based then, it will solely depend on your initial CTC offered when you were a fresher and then how you have performed in 6 years. It could 4 to 5 times of your experience. It also depend on companies.

Skill and demand: If you work on some niche skill then you will get more and more opportunity outside of your organization. You might be able to switch companies and then as per demand your CTC could be around 18–24 LPA. If you have not switched company and stayed then, forget all above calculations if your in service based. You will get single digit appraisal and also less hike on promotion in most of the service based companies. So you would get around 9 LPA maximum in 6 years. 

If you stayed in product based, yearly hikes and promotional hikes are good, so you could get good growth even you have not switched any company. 

Many times I have seen that people holding 2-6 offers in hand and keep negotiating for more CTC during notice period, this happens because of high demand of niche skill. This disrupts the ideal scenario of CTC. 

Onsite opportunity: If you get onsite opportunity then you earn in dollars. Your Indian salary remains low and you gets HRA in dollars. But when you return to India, then you realize that your salary remains low. In such scenario the salary remains low.

I will share two cases, one of my friend with 6 years of experience changed companies and now he has 23 LPA CTC. As he was working on niche skill and demand was high that is why he got almost 4 times of his experience.

One of my senior with 12 years of experience and did not changed any company because he was at onsite. His CTC was 10 LPA. Now he has moved to other company and got 24 LPA.

Basically, for service based firm, it should be twice of your experience. It could be more depending on how did you start and how your learning went.

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