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How to join IT company after working in Non IT company for years

I don't not know whether you are working in IT department of some NON IT companies like (a bank, a telecom firm, a sales firm etc) as IT officer or working as non IT guy.


How to join IT company after working in Non IT company for years

So I will answer it in both the terms.

If you are working as an IT officer

When you work in an IT department of a non IT company then your scope of learning is limited. Because they use such technologies which is based on their business and the technologies used by the IT vendors. So, after some time you would get bored and work will become monotonous. Unfortunately, job like PSU firms are treated as super secure, so no one desires to leave it for joining some private company. But amid the current scenario, where Government is looking to privatize the banks, railways, BSNL etc, we professional have started to looking for joining some IT firm. In such scenario, if you are looking to switch to companies like TCS, Infosys then, you would not have much difficulties. You can study some concepts and then can crack interviews.

If you are working as non IT guy in bank

Surely you would not have any IT background. You would have used some software in day to day life. But that knowledge is not enough to get into IT company. I will ask you to learn some cool and trending IT technology which needs very less coding skills.

  1. Cloud computing : This will not require coding, you need to understand concepts and do lots of hands on, learn some interview questions and you will get into some company in a year.
  2. Data Science: This requires some coding skill (Python is enough). Machine Learning requires some Maths concepts, which you can easily tackle. Again it will need visualization, concepts understanding skill and lots of practice.

Now I told you about 2 topics which you can choose to upskill and get job. But the real catch is, if you have started anyone of the above course, but it is very difficult to continue it for a year amid your busy working hours. Its a huge challenge. 

So I will suggest you to enroll in any of the institute like Great Learning, Simplilearn, Intellipaat, Upgrad etc. You can try to get details about them and join one of them. I am sure if you will study for one year, you will get a job in IT. If you will join them, they will give you learning consistency, placement assurance.

You can use udemy also to buy courses and study at your pace, but the only problem which I see is, you will not be able to study regularly and that is where you will loose.

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