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How will my salary increment be in TCS after I join as a fresher ?

Now here is my story : I started with TCS as 3.25 LPA in 2014 October.

Oct 2015 : 3.58 LPA.

Oct 2016: 4.2 LPA

Feb 2018 : 4.5 LPA

Then I switched to CTS .

Now If I had not switched from TCS, then how would have my story? See now.

Till Feb 2018 my CTC was 4.5 LPA in TCS.

March 2019 : With a promotion, which is default for 4.5 years of associate. They increases 70 k and CTC is 5.2 LPA.

So down the line if we say how much my salary would have increased in 5 years in TCS then it's around 2 lakhs. This is TCS for you. 

March 2020 : Appraisal hike 6% CTC 5.56LPA

March 2021 : Appraisal hike 6% CTC 6 LPA

March 2022 : Appraisal hike 6% CTC 6.5 LPA

Oct 2022: Expecting promotion with 15% hike max, 7.5 LPA. Now you can imagine how and when you will reach to 12 LPA by staying in a single company.

You can calculate your journey similarly.

Please note, I am not encouraging you to switch. It's individual needs and circumstances. If you feel good and getting proper credit, you can stay in same company.

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