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Top 5 AI startups in India in 2022 - Artificial Intelligence

Today we are going to talk about top 5 startups in India which deals in Artificial Intelligence. We never know which startup will become unicorn and which will fail. Its time and basic fundamentals, which can decide the fate of startup. Here are top 5 AI based startups in India to look in 2022.

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Top 5 AI startups in India in 2022
Top 5 AI startups in India in 2022


Avaamo a leader for worldwide Conversational AI platforms. 

Avaamo is a cloud platform that lets you automate the Conversational AI lifecycle. Build powerful domain-based models on your own or use our existing vertical models. You can speed time-to-value with pre-built enterprise connectors, conversation analytics and conversational validators to execute design-to-deployment lifecycles in weeks. Check the website here now. 

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WYSA is an AI based chat application which helps in combating mental issues. AI chatbot that leverages evidence-based cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT) to make you feel heard. Blended with professional human support, Wysa provides 24/7 high-quality mental health support.

If you are an AI resource and looking for career transition, you can check job opportunity here in Career Link.


CropIn is an intuitive, intelligent, self-evolving system that delivers future-ready farming solutions to the entire agricultural sector. We deliver decision-making tools that bring consistency, dependability and sustainability to agri-business. With capabilities of live reporting, analysis, interpretation and insight that span across geographies, we’re digitizing every farm, while data-managing the entire ecosystem. Our smarter agri solutions are powered in real-time; for you to archive patterns, predict trends, to make a blueprint for your business in the times to come.

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Ziptrax Cleantech

Its a quite interesting startup in Indian ecosystem. As we all heard about Lithium Ion batteries and its extensive use in almost every electronics gadget. Also our government is putting more emphasis on using EVs on road for transportation. In such an ecosystem, it would be quite interesting to see Ziptrax Cleantech's performance in coming future

  • Ziptrax uses lithium-ion batteries which are the safer alternative and less damaging towards the environment.

  • We believe in providing high quality Li-ion batteries, that are affordable and come with an enhanced life and smart monitoring.

  • We utilize advanced IoT based technology to remotely monitor and improve battery performance using our AI Engine.

  • This concept aims to reduce carbon emissions and wastage resulting in a cleaner Energy Access as well as Affordable green technology.


Go to Career Page of Ziptrax, if you are looking for AI job.


Expertrons is the world’s largest AI Videobot Technology platform that provides futuristic communication, hiring & placement solutions for businesses and educational institutions as well as edtech and career guidance services for end consumers.

Career Page --> Click Here

Conclusion: So we have lots of exciting startups coming in future, in different unique fields. It all tells that how much job opportunities are their in AI field in future. If you are aspiring Data Scientist then get involved in AI, it is the correct time to leverage this AI wave and you would be in dream run of your career soon. 

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