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What package can I expect with 2 years of experience in TCS if I switch to another company

Thank you for asking this question. Let me share one of my colleague’s journey.

Last year around January, he was also looking for job switch. He had only 2 years of experience in TCS on ETL tool. He was working in support. He told me what shall he do to get job in other company. 


I told him, as its only 2 years of experience, you can try applying based on ETL resume. 


He tried applying but he was not getting calls. As soon as he completed 2.5 years, he started getting calls. One day he comes to me with the news that he has received offer letter from Accenture for Mumbai location at CTC 7 LPA.


Now as you are in TCS, so you would be aware about the CTC which a senior systems engineer gets after 2years of experience. 


7 LPA was fine but it has variable of 21% and thats too for Mumbai(Mumbai is costliest city to manage). I told him to resign and then try for more companies in Notice Period. As your notice period will decrease, calls will increase.


During notice period, he got offer from Coforge (NIIT formerly) of 9 LPA CTC.


He was happy because it was for Noida (his hometown is near by).


He was keep attending interviews and got offers from Tredence, PWC, EY.

Tredence offered him 11 LPA. Then he went to Accenture and inform that he will not be able to join at 7LPA as it is very less for Mumbai. Accenture increased his CTC to 9 LPA and offered 2.5 lakhs as joining bonus.

PWC offered 12 LPA, and EY offered 11 LPA.

Now Tredence was very communicative, so they sent laptop before joining and also increased CTC to 14LPA.

I would say, it all happens because of negotiation skills. Everyone do not have this skill.

Finally he joined PWC. But long story short. If you have Niche skills like (any ERP knowledge, Business knowledge or tool knowledge and shorter notice period) companies will be offering you more and more. If you have some generalized skills like Selenium, Java where lots of people are there to give competition, you would not get much offers. 


So I would rather say you to brush up your skills, if you don't have Niche skill then try to get into Data science or Cloud engineering. You would have better chance to get a job of 14–15 LPA.

So a 2- 2.5 Years experience person can get upto 14–15 LPA CTC. I am talking about service based consultancies. Product based companies can offer more based on skill, knowledge and talent. 

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