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Which one should I choose Infosys for 3.6 LPA and HCL for 4.75 LPA - Quora

I got selected in Infosys for 3.6 LPA and HCL for 4.75 LPA. Since I am a fresher, which one should I choose?


Infosys for 3.6 LPA and HCL for 4.75 LPA

Since you are fresher so you do not posses any hands on experience on industrial work. 

Both company will initially give you a training and then deploy into some project based on their requirement. 

As they are service based organizations so mostly chances are, you will land into some application maintenance and support project. 

Learning curve will be more or less same in both the companies.

One thing is important here, Infosys will give you best training in comparison to any other company. But the thing is, after getting the training it is not necessary you will get a project on same skill. So, type of work is uncertain. 

You might get work which will frustrate you on daily basis. So in such scenario only one thing will give you some sort of relaxation. That is your salary at month end.

Moreover, you would be joining your office at some expensive city, so if you have more in hand salary, it is always good. So I would suggest you to join HCL as it is giving more money. Money Matters at the end of the day !!

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