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Tech Mahindra to end Work From Home in March 2022, Wipro is also in line

Hello Everyone, we have heard that Tech Mahindra has asked their employee to report to office form first week of March 2022. Although it is not clear if employees have to report all 5 days to office or it would be alternate days. 

wfh is ending for tech m

This is applicable for Hyderabad office. For Bengaluru also either mid week or after they will ask employee to report. 

As of now this is the latest news for Tech Mahindra reopening offices for employee.

When Tech Mahindra is calling their employee to the office?

Last year around October, Tech M already had opened offices and employees were reporting, but because of onset of Omicron, they again closed their offices across India. 

Now, again they are calling their employee. Although Covid cases in country are about 2 lakhs, but as Uttar Pradesh election has taken all the buzz, no one is bothering about Covid now. Covid was there, and will be there. 

Earlier this month we have already heard about the news of Wipro calling their senior staff to the office.

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